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Splash Painting LLC Our Values

The Splash Painting Values

Always deliver what we promise:

At Splash Painting LLC, you'll never be surprised. You can be assured that we will always deliver superior service that is on time and on budget. Once a price it set, the only one that can change it is you. As much as we like to help everyone out we have to make a living also. With most paints being made with petroleum products and all of our solvents prices raising, three times the price of gas we have to make adjustments to our prices to make money. One thing that I've noticed over the years is that people want the most for there money and who can blame them, I know I do) the bad thing is they start to realize the budget is running low about the time its ready for the finish work. However; especially if you ever decide to sell or are building the project to sell, the finish is what you see. Don't get me wrong everyone is on a budget and everyone wants to be involved and sometimes the finish work seems to be the easiest way to saving a dollar, but believe me it can cost you thousands of dollars on your appraisal and seller beware with the economy the way it is the finish can make all the difference in the world. Trim that looks like it was dipped in paint and glued on, strait lines, quality paint, earthy tone wall colors makes allot of differences in the finished product.

First impressions:

Are very important and, you only get one chance. Make it one that stands alone in the quality of your finish work. It can make or break the finished look of a project and maybe a sale.

Just call any realtor:

Ask about things you can do to improve your chances of selling and they will tell you the same things like; first impressions, finish work, curb appeal etc...
Call a realtors in your area.

Respect the individual: R. E. S. P. E. C. T. Find out what It means to us.
Required Expectations and Succeeding in the Project Excellence and Customers Trust.
Splash Painting LLC is a company with a culture of respect. Respect for our employees there well belling. Respect for our builders and respect for you and your families safety.

IF you are re-modeling or buying a property built before 1978 have it checked for lead and asbestos. If you find that you have lead based paint or asbestos have it professionally removed. Please don't try to remove it and expose yourself to these harmful chemicals with out proper safety procedures.

Have pride in what you do:

Splash Painting LLC has professional painters and takes personal pride in all of our work. We will take the time to treat your home or business like it was our own. That's why we have a great report with our clients and if they ever need a painter they be sheer to call the Professionals, Splash Painting LLC.

Continuous painting and communications improvement:
We believe there is always room to improve how we paint and Splash Painting LLC is raising the bar to benefit you, by continuously looking for better quality paints and better equipment, and ways to apply it. We know how important your project is to you and have found that communication is very important and that is how we build trust and long lasting relationships with our clients.

The Splash Painting Difference:

Splash Painting LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality painting workmanship with the highest of paint products and equipment, while communicating and providing a quality service to our customers. With Splash Painting LLC you get quality experienced professional painters that are unique in the painting business. You will receive that same expertise at a competitive price, although we are not the cheapest you will find you get what you pay for.

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