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Splash Painting Interior Painting

Interior Painting by Professional painters

Call Splash Painting for all your interior painting needs. If you can dream it, we can help you accomplish it. Even specialty finishes like faux finishes and stain and lacquer we do it.

Interior PaintingFor interior painting we:

  • Patch holes and cracks.
  • Sand and de gloss old enamel surfaces.
  • Prime or undercoat for adhesion and even sheen. (if desired)
  • Cover and protect pre-finished areas.
  • Paint with quality Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore Paint (or your choice).
  • Final payment after your approval
  • There are several types of 'finishes' for paint products. These are listed below in order of 'luster' (or shine):


    A dry finish with no surface reflection. Feels rough and dry to the touch. This is the most common wall and ceiling finish used throughout the house.



    A semi-dry finish with little surface reflection. This finish feels a bit smoother and less dry to the touch than the flat finish.


    A mild sheen with a somewhat smooth surface. This finish still feels a bit textured and just a little dry to the touch.


    A moderately reflective finish. A surface coated with this finish will feel smooth. This is an ideal finish for high-traffic areas such as entryways, and for areas that accumulate grease and moisture such and bathrooms and kitchens. This finish is also commonly used on woodwork applications (doors, frames, baseboards, windows, wood trim, etc.).


    This is the most shiny of the finishes. A surface with this finish feels almost glassy and a light shined directly onto the surface will form a halo in the shape of the light source. This finish is primarily used in decorative applications.

    A brief warning about finishes:

    The higher the gloss in the finish the more difficult it is to touch up painting later, and the higher the gloss the more pronounced imperfections in the surface will appear. In short, select the luster of your finish carefully and be prepared to spend more time and take more care when applying paint with glossy finishes.

    Latex over Oil: Watch Out.

    Never put a latex paint over oil-based paint without first using oil-based primer or you'll be very, very unhappy when the paint peels and cracks in a short period of time. There is no easy way to undo this mistake once it is made.

    Note: as of January 01 2008
    Behr: has came out with a latex paint that can go over oil based pain without oil priming first.


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