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Faux Painting Finishes by Splash Painting LLC

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Faux Painting

Have you ever walked into a room that changed your whole mood? Serene and comfortable is now your outlook after entering this room. Give your house a unique look and feel and enjoy the complements you will receive.

Faux Finishes Decorative Painting:

  • Do you want to create a new look for your home or room?
  • How about something your friends will think is perfect for your home or personality?
  • Wallpaper in the bathroom? Might want to re-think it. The moisture can make it peel and create costly repairs when you decide to have it removed.
  • We can stripe, rag, sponge or texture your bathroom, foyer, office, sunroom or your kid's room. How about a fun magnetic caulk board or starry night sean for the kid's room, in a durable and washable faux finish that can make play time and bed time much more fun and adventuress?
  • Contact us for a Free Estimate.

    Faux Painting

    Have you ever walked into a room that changed your whole mood? Serene and comfortable is now your outlook after entering this faux painted room.

    What is Faux Painting?
    Faux is a French word for fake using paint and glazes to create the illusion of marble, granite, painted stone, expensive wood, denim, brick, aged wood, textured faux finishes and many more illusions and styles.

    Faux finishing is a style of painting using paints and glazes together in different techniques that create the illusion of texture and mood setting finishes that can transform and give depth to a surface, such as walls, ceilings, furniture, floors and many different other surfaces, smooth or textured. Faux painting technique have been very popularity on and off over the years due to the difference in taste and the efforts to make something appear aged, or to mimic an heir or style.

    Contact us for an appointment to review pricing for an faux finish idea that you have, or to create and find a faux finish that will give your home that special look your going for, sponged, crackled, ragged, glazed, fresco, color washed, suede, smooshing, leather faux, stone faux, brick faux, gold leaf, textured faux's and much much more.

    There are many different techniques, which are limited only by your imagination; with as many styles and tastes that are out there, it can be hard to find the one that is right for you.

    That’s why we at Splash Painting LLC are here to help you with all your faux finish needs.

    • Sponge Finishes:
      The most common faux finishes are accomplished with natural sea sponges, applying one or more accent colors over the base coat.

    • Rag Roll Finish:
      Rag-rolling is a faux finish similar in technique to the sponge finish, but rags are used instead.

    • Parchment Glaze:
      A variation on the rag roll technique produces a finish that looks like old parchment.

    • Fresco:
      A marble type look.

    • Color Wash:
      Very popular in this area.

    • Suede:
      A ragging technique that gives a soft, suede look.

    • Smooshing:
      A cracked, marble look.

    Faux finishes are a beautiful addition to almost any space! They add depth, color, and style without damaging your walls like wallpaper would. When it’s time to change the look of the room, in most cases you can paint right over the faux finish without messy paper removal and damage to the walls! With the addition of a multiple coat system of glazes or textured finishes to achieve the look you desire! These are usually hand-applied, one-of-a-kind works of art!

    Faux Painting Preparation:

    Faux finishing is a painting technique used to create the illusion of texture on a wall. It's developed into something of an art form, using simple tools like sponges and rags to produce effects that leave virtually no traces of the tool. It's appropriate on drywall, plaster or wood, and requires no additional preparation than any other new paint job, just a clean, primed surface ready for finishing.


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