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Splash Painting LLC Expert Drywall Repair

Expert Wall Repair

We don't like cracks in walls, water damaged walls or holes in walls and we’re pretty sure you don't ether. Splash Painting LLC can repair cracked tape joints in drywall, holes in drywall from a minor picture anchor hole, to whatever damaged your drywall. You can explain what you would like us to repair, because two eyes are always better that one and that way we make sure to address the areas your concerned with. Rest assured that Splash Painting can repair it to a like-new condition. Wall repairs typically included if discussed prier to starting the project.

Holes in drywall are repaired by removing the damaged drywall, replacing with new drywall and "taping" the new drywall in to the existing. Taping is the process of applying paper or mesh "tape" to the seams where the new and existing drywall meet, and applying drywall joint compound to smooth the transition between the new and old. This process usually requires three coats of drywall joint compound (commonly referred to as "mud") sanding, spot priming, and finally, painting.


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