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Splash Painting LLC Concrete Finishes and Garage Floors

Concrete Floor Finishes and Garage Floor Epoxy

Specialty Concrete finishes include multi-color Spec coatings in any rooms garage and concrete floors by using enamels and epoxy. So call us today for high quality decorative coating on all finishes offering all colors; we proudly us Behr, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, and many more top quality home products of your choice.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Add Value to Your Home with Beautiful High Impact Resistant Epoxy Coatings!

You've seen them before, your neighbor or perhaps a local show home with a beautiful clean and organized garage. What is that slick, hard, pristine epoxy flooring system that looks so good?

It is probably an epoxy garage flooring system available from all epoxy decorative concrete finishes. The method of epoxy coating in a garage isn't a new concept but certainly has been improved over the years.

Sometime referred to as Epoxy color flake, epoxy garage floor coating system or garage floor paint system, these durable and high-end finishes are becoming an affordable alternative for coating and beautifying garages. Here are some great reasons to consider a epoxy garage or epoxy basement floor finish:

Epoxy garage floor coatings are a cost effective alternative to replacement and make your garage or basement look brand new. Additionally, the available colors and finishes will thrill your friends and neighbors when it comes to choosing that perfect colored epoxy for your garage floor.

But let's not discount the available colors and finishes when it comes to choosing that perfect colored epoxy for your garage floor.

No longer are you limited to the institutional gray color of a drab concrete floor, you now have the option of choosing from a wide variety of epoxy floor colors and textures.

All decorative concrete finishes can add epoxy color flakes to your epoxy garage floor system to create a speckled effect. It often looks similar to a granite floor finish.

Is your garage or basement suitable for epoxy coating?

If you sometimes see tiny crystals or white powder on your floor, this is moisture migrating through the concrete, which will often ‘pop off' any kind of coating you apply without proper preparation.

If the floor is painted and the paint is peeling off, most likely any epoxy you apply will also peel off. Scraping the loose areas and correct preparation can usually fix this problem along with using the proper coatings for your situation.

If the floor is damp, the air musty, etc. the epoxy floor paints will probably not bond very well. However drying the area and removing excess moisture and and using the proper produces can help ensure a floor that will last.

If your concrete has been treated with some sort of cement sealer (typically a waxy or silicon based sealer) no paint will stick to it unless etched and cleaned properly.


Put a rubber mat on the floor or tape down a 3 by 3 ft (or so) sheet of plastic). If water collects between it and the floor there is a moisture problem and any floor paint will probably ‘pop off' with out stopping the moisture.


Pour water on the cement. It should soak into the cement in a reasonable time. If it beads up or just sits there for a long time, the concrete has been sealed or is grease or oil contaminated. Could be problems. Badly oil saturated concrete will probably never be successfully covered with any kind of paint or epoxy.

After the concrete is examined by a Splash Painting LLC professional, we will be able to decide the proper steps to take to give you a long lasting floor you can be proud of.

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